BreathWalk / Walking Yoga


Jour fixe April, 15th 2019, 3 – 4.30 h 

Walking Yoga is originated in the Kundalini Yoga tradition. This method combines breathing, walking patterns, Yoga postures and Meditation; it is a fitness technique which connects body and mind.

The secret of it’s effectiveness is grounded in the interplay of consciousness breathing, mindfulness, stretching exercise we know from Yoga, rhythm, inner sounds and the concentration of each other. Meditation enhances our ability of concentration and reduces stress.

The goal is to increase our energy levels, to sharpen our senses, to clear our mind, reducing stress and just enlighten dark moods. It helps us to relax, to release tension in our body and gives our brain a boost.

Old traditions, the thousands years old knowledge from the Yoga and the knowledge of modern science are combined in 16 BreathWalk programmes. There are programmes that energize and give strength, there are programmes that focus and there are programmes to relax.

Knowledge of Yoga or walking is not required; you just need an open mind, a pair of comfortable shoes and weather suitable clothes!

BreathWalk is practised in nature.