5 weeks course for Absolutely Everyone

Week One: 

What is BreathWalk?

Introduction to BreathWalk

The five steps in a good BreathWalk: Awaken, align, vitalize, balance, and integrate.

The four main benefits: Increased energy level, mood control, refined mental quality,

feeling connected.


Week Two: 

Focus on the Align Step

Checklist for good posture and form, mental alignment, body image and successful change.

Bring your focus on your alignment- and walking form. Become present and mindful.


Week Three: 

The Breath

Breathing and walking timed together. Experience about the value of sound and the whisper as a powerful effect in BreathWalk.

BreathWalk patterns.


Week Four: 

BreathWalk and Your Energy

Focus on the energy that comes when the mind relaxes and moves away from day to day life.

Experience how sound scales help you to move back from the mind to a position of neutrality and freedom from normal internal mental chatter and conflicts.


Week Five: 

Experience with BreathWalk and personalize your BreathWalk programme

Breathwalking is a wonderful thing to do

Doing it regularly builds lifetime benefits and builds exercise buddies as well. Even little BreathWalks during normal activities add up and create a great impact. Mood and energy level are just as important as calories and exercise. It is the kind of thing one could do every day. The more you do BreathWalk the easier it is to obtain the benefits until it becomes an invisible support to your life.