About me

Ute Locatelli started her Yoga and Meditation practice in the late 70’s. Since then an intense effort in understanding Hatha Yoga and Classical Yoga has taken an important part in her life. During ongoing studies she met and learned from some of the important international teachers. These training events have enriched her Yoga and Meditation practice. Ute Locatelli is a certified Yoga teacher and most important of all, she is still fortunate to learn from her teacher Sri S. Rajagopalan of South India.

Ute Locatelli

She was able to study the History of Yoga and Classical Yoga at Traditional Yoga Studies by Georg Feuerstein  in Canada.

Since 2006 she has lived with her husband and child on the Isle of Arran where she teaches Yoga- and BreathWalk.

Ute’s sessions are designed for students who want to practice in a mindful, non-competitive and relaxed way regardless of physical condition, age and state of mind. The primary focus in the teachings is allowing the students freedom in the body and mind.

Courses at Kinneil take place in a warm and friendly atmosphere, in small, personal classes of no more than eight participants. The atmosphere is that of tranquility and acceptance, adding to the enhancement of comfort and well being.